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Nudism & Naturism Movies.

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Naked USA. Vol 4. Arizona/Nevada. 1991.
Start with an oasis in the Mojave Desert – a nudist club with its own mini-lake and two islands! Then visit the glitter of Las Vegas; join the fun of backyard house parties and discover hide-a-way camping places known only to the local nudists. A look at Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon are next on this tour. In Arizona, go naked at Rainbow Bridge, participate in a teenage egg-throwing contest and a desert ramble. Meet Tom at the Nude Carnival. Disabled, he chose nudism to gain acceptance and self-esteem.
Director: David Ball.
Cast: Nudist Club Members, Nudist Club Visitors.
USA, 1991.
Language: English.
Format : AVI / 640x480
Duration : 59 min
File Size : 380 MB
Download Naked USA. Vol 4. Arizona/Nevada. 1991:



[Image: 1exx9yok4il7.jpg][Image: s9hhim4yihqc.jpg]

Naked USA. Vol 2. Florida. Part 2. 1990.

Several of the largest and most popular US nudist resorts are visited at a time when they are bursting with peak season events. Some members who've embraced the nudist lifestyle for a long time and some new to the experience and some juniors who've been raised in a clothing-optional environment provide insight on why they're enthusiastically drawn to naturism. Some express their feelings in an interview, others preferred to be filmed injoying their favortie nudist activity.
Director: David Ball.
Cast: Nudist Club Members, Nudist Club Visitors.
USA, 1989.
Language: English.
Format : AVI / 640x480
Duration : 55 min
File Size : 455 MB
Download Naked USA. Vol 2. Florida. Part 2. 1990:



[Image: th_584420170_0_123_1163lo.jpg][Image: th_584422861_182_123_87lo.jpg]

La Fonte des neiges / Thawing Out. 2009. HD.

FR. Les vacances d'un adolescent dans un camp naturiste, en compagnie de sa mère et de jeunes gens de son âge.
EN. La Fonte des neiges (English title: Thawing out; literally The melting of the snows) is a 2009 short comedy drama film directed by Jean-Julien Chervier.
La Fonte des neiges is about a few days of a holiday when Leo, a twelve-year-old child is forced to follow his mother to a nudist camp. At first deeply shy, he responds by wearing extra clothes. After meeting Antoinette, a playful girl, Leo slowly becomes more relaxed and is revealed as a responsible and gentle person. He gets to know Antoinette better throughout the film and the discovery of his body, as well as the first feelings of love take on the appearance of a fairy tale with a hallucinogenic quality.
Nicely filmed in the hills of France, with the participation of Arte France Television and the Center of National Cinematography, and backed by the Aquitaine Region and the Department of Health, you are assured that this short film was produced under strict guidelines and regulations in order to insure that all was done in accordance to laws and proper procedure. La Fonte des Neiges has aired on French national television and has toured the French and U.S. film festivals.
La Fonte des Neiges is one of the very rare naturist-nudist based films where a good sense of responsibility is exhibited at a time when romance sets in and represents a potentially consequential proposition.
More info: imdb 6.8/10 - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1354003/
Cast: Marc Beffa, Géraldine Martineau, Zazon Castro, Laurent Roth, Lauren Chini, Natanaël Sylard, Laura Luna, Philippe Caulier.
France, 2009.
Language: German, Russian.
Subtitles: German, Russian.
1280x720 HD
Download La Fonte des neiges / Thawing Out. 2009:



[Image: th_981028406_000_123_195lo.jpg][Image: th_980404541_994_123_78lo.jpg]

The Show Must Go On Ever Naked. 2008.
Koktebel, longtime haven for naturist families, is on the change, and as new hotels and apartment blocks are constructed along the shoreline, and as naturists cling to the last elements of freedom here, the sense of imminent loss is ever present.
Documentary film about the Crimean nudists shot by the famous German propagandist of naturism Peter Dietrich at the festival of Neptune Day in Koktebel. A large crowd of nudists gathered on the seashore staged a vivid show - there were a dance contest, a body art contest and a mystical action to meet Neptune.
Director: Peter Dietrich.
Ukraina, 2008.
Download The Show Must Go On Ever Naked. 2008:



[Image: th_276751911_054_123_1192lo.jpg][Image: th_276752628_1122_123_439lo.jpg]

Cap d'Agde, Naked City. 2000.
Cap D'Agde is a popular summer resort town in France. A large section of the town is clothing-optional, and thousands of tourists flock there every year for the opportunity to spend their days naked--not only on the beach or in the pool, but in the shopping area also. (Curiously, although it isn't required, most of them put clothes on for evening activities.)
Our tour guides, Alison Brown and Wendy Cooper, are fetching blondes who enjoy showing off their beautiful all-over tans while they show off the town's attractions. They interview a number of visitors and locals to find out what they most enjoy about vacationing in the nude.
Whether you are a nudist or not, "Cap D'Agde: Naked City" is a fun way to spend an hour.
Cast: Alison Brown, Wendy Cooper, Charlie Simonds.
UK, 2000.
Language: English.
Download Cap d'Agde, Naked City. 2000:



[Image: th_994333721_1_123_915lo.jpg][Image: th_994335983_1448_123_1145lo.jpg]

Alice's Naked Summer. 2004.
The first of two magazine videos about naturist opportunites in the United Kingdom in 2004. Venues included Pevors Farm and Merryhill (featuring the annual music festival) as well as the Channel Island Albany.
Join Alice as she meets committed naturists and those new to naturism, and discovers a kaleidoscope of naturist opportunities including Pevors Farm and the Merryhill Music Festival.
Directors: Alice Gilding, Charlie Simonds.
Cast: Alice Gilding, Charlie Simonds, Iseult Richardson, Joceline Brooke-Hamilton, Alison Brown, Tim.
UK, 2004.
Language: English.
Download Alice's Naked Summer. 2004:



[Image: th_799696812_0_123_35lo.jpg][Image: th_799697303_1453_123_470lo.jpg]

Act Naturally. 2011.
When two estranged stepsisters inherit their father's nudist colony, getting back to nature has never been so completely unnatural. A FilmBuff Presentation.
Director: J.P. Riley.
Cast: Katie L. Hall, Liz Lytle, Susan May Pratt, Alan Cox, Joshua Ryan, Courtney Abbott, Rob Roy Fitzgerald, Sadie Alexandru.
USA, 2011.
Language: English.
Behind The Bare With Us. Tour - Toronto.
Behind The Scenes - Casting Actors to Bare With Us.
Behind The Scenes. Featurette.
Teaser, Trailer.
Download Act Naturally. 2011:



[Image: th_726201317_0260_123_17lo.jpg][Image: th_262015208_1455_123_651lo.jpg]

Oh Marbella!. 2003.
Welcome to Marbella, the original Costa del Sol paradise for the rich and famous and for those wishing they were. It's where the crazy worlds of dreamers, nudists, killers and anti goat hurlers collide to spectacular effect and where trusting your `natural` instincts can have the most amazing results!
Director: Piers Ashworth.
Cast: Rik Mayall, Tom Bell, Mike Reid, Geoff Bell, Craig Kelly, Charlotte Lucas, Lara Belmont, Roland Manookian.
Spain, UK, 2003.
Language: English.
Download Oh Marbella!. 2003:



[Image: ME1261TV_t.jpg] [Image: ME1261TW_t.jpg]

Das verbotene Paradies / Forbidden Paradise. 1955. DVD.

Das verbotene Paradies ist einer der ersten deutschen Nudistenfilme, die nach 1945 hergestellt wurden. Unter der Regie des angesehenen Max Nosseck, der dieses Werk nur unter Pseudonym („Maximilian Meyer“) drehen wollte, wirkten trotz der damals umstrittenen Machart und mehrerer Nacktszenen im Drehjahr 1955 eine Reihe von angesehenen Schauspieler jener Jahre mit, darunter Günter Pfitzmann, Jan Hendriks.
Neugierige Kurgäste wollen während ihres Urlaubs einen Blick auf einen FKK-Strandabschnitt erheischen und missachten dabei zahlreiche Verbotsschilder. Die Nudisten sind über das Eindringen der Fremden wenig begeistert. So hecken sie einen Plan aus, um sich an den Kurgästen zu rächen. Schon bald kommt es zu einem kleinen Skandal, und sowohl die FKKler als auch die Kurgäste müssen erkennen, dass ihre Welten weniger weit auseinander liegen als gedacht.
Vierzehn Mal wurde die Freigabe des Films von der Freiwilligen Selbstkontrolle (FSK) verweigert und erst nach Entfernung der "aufdringlichen Nudismuspropaganda" erteilt.
Das verbotene Paradies kam am 17. Oktober 1958 in die Kinos und stieß, zumal bei der katholisch-konservativen Filmkritik, auf heftigste Gegenwehr – obwohl am Ende sämtliche Protagonisten der Geschichte, dank der FSK-Schnitte, einhellig „moralisch“ gehandelt haben.
Director: Max Nosseck.
Cast: Wolfgang Lukschy, Jan Hendriks, Ingeborg Schöner, Lutz Moik, Siegfried Breuer Jr., Günter Pfitzmann, Bruno Fritz, Eve Dietrich, Siegfried Schürenberg, Rolf Möbius.
West Germany, 1955.
Language: German.
Download DVD Das verbotene Paradies / Forbidden Paradise. 1955:
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