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Ava's Punishments No. 6, Black Laces, Red Bottom, Part 2 - Spanking101thevideos

Ava Nyx, Paul Rogers

Naughty Ava Nyx was caught red-handed in a video trying to untie Tubaman's shoelaces during a spanking demo, and she is now standing in the corner rubbing her sore bottom after a hard spanking.

But now her thin leggings go down and her bare, red bottom gets even MORE attention, by way of a very severe spanking from her firm-handed friend.

Afterwards, she can't even sit down!

BDSM, spanking, caning,, Spanking101thevideos,

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File Name : Ava-Punishments-6-Black-Laces-Red-Bottom-Part-2.mp4
File Size : 459.3 MB
Resolution : 1920x1080
Duration : 00:06:23
Video : AVC (AVC), 9 876 Kbps, 60.000 fps
Audio : AAC (AAC LC), 152 Kbps (CBR), 44.1 KHz, 2 channels, 1 stream

Download - Ava-Punishments-6-Black-Laces-Red-Bottom-Part-2.mp4 - 459.3 MB
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A Teaching Moment for Kitty Catherine - Spanking House Productions

Kitty Catherine, Miss Elizabeth

Kitty Catherine is supposed to be ready to go on a job interview that Mom Elizabeth has arranged for her. But, Catherine doesn't seem to think that going to any kind of job interview is important since she feels that her mother has enough money to go around! Mom Elizabeth is more than annoyed with her daughter's complete and total disregard toward the importance of keeping her interview appointment, and takes matters into her own punishing hands to teach Catherine a lesson by spanking her. Catherine seems to think that getting a spanking was a joke, until she's taken over Elizabeth's very capable knee and receives a spanking over her little jean shorts, which were soon to come down for a spanking on her bare bottom. After Elizabeth gives a now contrite Catherine a hand spanking, she informs her crying daughter that the hairbrush is next! Tears stream down Catherine's face as Mom shows her daughter what a teaching moment is all about.

BDSM, spanking, caning,, SpankingHouseProductions,

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File Name : A-Teaching-Moment-for-Kitty-Catherine.mp4
File Size : 1.3 GB
Resolution : 1920x1080
Duration : 00:11:30
Video : AVC (AVC), 15.5 Mbps, 30.000 fps
Audio : AAC (AAC LC), 192 Kbps (CBR), 48.0 KHz, channel0, 1 stream

Download - A-Teaching-Moment-for-Kitty-Catherine.mp4 - 1.3 GB
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Chastised Kittens, Part 1 - Spanking101thevideos

Kat Jordan, Ava Nyx, Paul Rogers

An adorable combination of kitten play and spanking with two real-life "kittens", Ava Nyx and Kat Jordan.

I am TRYING to work on my computer as the kittens play in their room, but then they get into a fight over a toy and all Hell breaks lose, hissing and yeowling.

Looks like I am going to have to produce some yowling of my own.

Over my knee Kat goes as Ava stands in time-out, her nose to the wall, awaiting her own spanking.

Soon Kat is howling and kicking from a very sore bottom.

She goes to the wall, pressing her nose to the sheetrock, as Ava approaches for HER spanking . . .

BDSM, spanking, caning,, Spanking101thevideos,

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File Name : Chastised-Kittens-Part-1.mp4
File Size : 240 MB
Resolution : 1920x1080
Duration : 00:03:33
Video : AVC (AVC), 9 287 Kbps, 60.000 fps
Audio : AAC (AAC LC), 139 Kbps (CBR), 44.1 KHz, 2 channels, 1 stream

Download - Chastised-Kittens-Part-1.mp4 - 240 MB

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