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Naked as Nature Intended / As Nature Intended Featuring the Five Nature Girls. 1961.
Three girls on a tour of the English countryside meet up with two young women who introduce them to the joys of life in a nudist camp.
The first feature-length production from the man who took great delight in the female form, George Harrison Marks, and one of the most popular of all the British 'nudist' movies released at the turn of the 1960s. NAKED AS NATURE INTENDED is a short, hour-long travelogue in which a trio of young and beautiful women tour the English countryside and enjoy the sights of Stonehenge before making their way to a nudist beach.
Director: George Harrison Marks.
Cast: Bridget Leonard, Angela Jones, Petrina Forsyth, Jackie Salt, Pamela Green, Stuart Samuels, Guy Kingsley Poynter, George Harrison Marks.
UK, 1961.
Language: English.
Download Naked as Nature Intended / As Nature Intended Featuring the Five Nature Girls:

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The Raw Ones. 1965.

A profile of the nudist lifestyle.
This motion picture presents educational, scientific, sociological and cultural ideas that demonstrate the conviction that the human body is clean and wholesome and that increased public understanding of this point of view will contribute to the well-being and advancement of all, whether they be practising nudists or not. One of the strangest and most damaging mistakes ever made by humanity was the notion that there is something inherently evil and obscene about the human body.
Opening card reads: «Dedicated to the principles of American Nudism and to the courage of the mind that seeks truth and strives for enlightenment». Shortly after, the voice off Narrator cites the 1957 US Supreme Court ruling that nudity is not by and in itself obscene.
Director: John Lamb.
Cast: Charlotte, Cathy Crowfoot, Kellie Everts, Ron Gans.
USA, 1965.
Language: English.
Format : AVI / 640x480
Duration : 68 min
File Size : 700 MB
Download: The Raw Ones:

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Wa(h)re Liebe - FKK International. 2003.

DE. Nicht nur in Deutschland hat sich FKK zu einer Lebensart entwickelt. Auch unsere europäischn Nachbarn lassen gerne die Hüllen fallen. Sowohl auf den Balearen als auch in der Provence kann jeder nach Lust und Laune seinem Hobby frönen. Nackte Tatsachen, so weit das Auge reicht. Wer hier mehr trägt als Sonnenschutz, macht sich lächerlich.
Wa(h)re Liebe hat für Euch die begehrtesten Ferienlagen für Nudisten und andere FKK-"hot spots" in Europa gecheckt.
Nackte Menschen gibt es hier nicht nur am Strand und am Baggersee, sondern zum Beispiel auch auf Fahrrädern, in Kanus oder beim Rasenmähen. Manche heiraten sogar nackt - oder gehen ohne Kleidung zum Shoppen. Der Phantasie sind hier keine Grenzen gesetzt.
EN. A documentary about nudism and naturism in Germany and Europe. FKK - free naked culture widespread in Germany. This documentary video about a nudism as tells and shows about formation, vacation spots and about those categories of citizens who take in it part.
Germany, 2003.
Language: German.
Download Wa(h)re Liebe - FKK International:

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The Nudist Story / For Members Only / Pussycats Paradise. 1960. DVD.

The Nudist Story is a 1960 British film set at a nudist colony. It was released in the U.S. as Pussycat's Paradise, and is also known as For Members Only.
A somewhat prudish young lady inherits a nudist camp. She wants to shut it down, but is persuaded by its members to give the place a look before she takes any action. She agrees, and while touring the camp finds herself attracted to one of the patrons. The trouble is, so does another young woman at the camp. Complications ensue.
Director: Ramsey Herrington.
Cast: Shelly Martin, Brian Cobby, Natalie Lynn, Anthony Oliver, Joy Hinton, Jacqueline D'Orsay, Paul Kendrick.
UK, 1960.
Language: English, Russian.
Subtitles: Russian.
Bonuses: film "Busty Beauty in Black" and a gallery.
Menu: animated, voiced.
Download DVD The Nudist Story / For Members Only / Pussycats Paradise:
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Barfuß bis zum Hals. 2009.

DE. Für den 17-jährigen Jakob steht fest, dass seine Eltern Sabine und Helmut (Martin Brambach) hochnotpeinlich sind. Sie leiten mitten in der brandenburgischen Provinz ein Nudistendorf. Während Jakob sich ganz sicher ist, dass es nichts peinlicheres gibt, finden seine Eltern, dass Nacktsein das Natürlichste der Welt ist. Die ganze Situation erlebt eine skurrile Wende, als ausgerechnet ein Textilunternehmer das Grundstück des FKK-Vereins aufkauft…
EN. A nudist site in eastern Germany is sold to Dieter Lohe, a conservative textile manufacturer from Bavaria. He visits his new property with his daughter Natalie, and plans to use the property as a hunting ground. For fear of losing their tenancy agreement, the members of the association adjust to Lohe's presence by walking around dressed. Jakob Steiner, the son of the club's leader, doesn't accept the nudist family tradition and because of this argues with his father. Jacob becomes close friends with Lohe's daughter. Lohe eventually gets wise to the clothed nudists, and after a few complications all of the parties involved come to an arrangement.
Director: Hansjörg Thurn.
Cast: Martin Brambach, Christoph M. Ohrt, Jockel Tschiersch, Constantin von Jascheroff, Gotthard Lange, Ben Unterkofler, Sarah Kim Gries, Heiko Pinkowski, Diane Siemons-Willems, Joseph Konrad Bundschuh, Christina Athenstädt.
Germany, 2009.
Language: German.
Subtitles: Russian.
Download Barfuß bis zum Hals:

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À dix minutes des naturistes. 2012. Full version. HD.

FR. À dix minutes des naturistes est un téléfilm français réalisé par Stéphane Clavier et diffusé le 11 juin 2012 sur TF1.
Une famille de concierges bruxellois profite de l'absence de ses patrons pour échanger une belle propriété contre une villa de vacances à l'île du Couchant... Ils ignoraient juste un petit détail: l'île du Couchant, c'est 100 % naturiste ! Pendant ce temps, les Levantains débarquent à Bruxelles pour promouvoir une directive qui pourrait bien déshabiller toute l'Europe.
EN. Family caretakers Brussels advantage of the absence of his patrons to exchange a beautiful property against a holiday villa in Sunset Island ... They just did not know a small detail: Island Sunset is 100% nude! Meanwhile, the Levantains arrive in Brussels to promote a directive that could undress throughout Europe.
Director: Stéphane Clavier.
Cast: Lionel Abelanski, Christine Citti, Bruno Ricci, Maeva Pasquali, Marie Pape, Nicole Shirer, Hugues Hausman, Alain Leempoel, Cécile Vangrieken, Laurent Van Wetter, Joséphine De Renesse.
France, TF1, 2012.
Language: French, Russian.
1024х576 HD
Download À dix minutes des naturistes. Full version. HD:

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Euronat - Euronatural - Euronaturally. 2004.

A documentary about a special naturist resort, which is located in the south-west of France in the Medoc. There naked recreation for lovers of ideal conditions - there is a complete infrastructure - cinema, restaurant, cafe, sports grounds and more and never have to dress themselves absolutely nothing.
Format : AVI / 624x448
Duration : 59 min
File Size : 678 MB
Download Euronat - Euronatural - Euronaturally:

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World of Skinny Dipping.

A fragment of the documentary "World of Skinny Dipping" about the life of American nudists and naturists.
Format : AVI / 640x480
Duration : 12 min
File Size : 280 MB
Download World of Skinny Dipping:

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Diary of a Teenage Nudist. 2004.

Director: Alex Berk.
Cast: Bianca Badham, Charlotte Ruddock, Julie Ruddock, Steve Ruddock.
UK, 2004.
Format : AVI / 624x352
Duration : 49 min
File Size : 350 MB
Language: English.
Download Diary of a Teenage Nudist:

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Dressed in the sun. 2003.

Documentary about Russian nudists and naturists of St. Petersburg. The film was filmed on the coast of the Gulf of Finland.
Director: Valery Morozov.
Russia, 2003.
Dressed in the sun:


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