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Nude Awards California.

A documentary from the series WORLD OF SKINNY DIPPING about the life of American nudists.
Format : AVI / 720x480
Duration : 16 min
File Size : 110 MB
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Vivre Nu. A la Recherche du Paradis Perdu.

Nudity is unsettling. Nudity fascinates. Nudity is exciting. As a matter of fact we tend to mix nakedness,sexuality, lifestyle and pleasure. Living Naked sorts out the concepts and tries to present us with the "naked truth" about naturalism. Through many testimonies, some very funny, some moving, through fascinating archive footage and a tour of the main naturist resorts in France and Germany. Living Naked explores, demystifies the taboos. Nor a voyeur, nor a proselyte, Director Robert Salis addresses the Adam or the Eve living inside of us. Just released on DVD in French, this is a unique must see feature film about naturalism.
Director: Robert Salis.
France, 1998.
Language: French.
Download A la Recherche du Paradis Perdu. Vivre Nu:

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Maslin Beach. 1997.
1. Financed outside the political funding system now controlling the Australian film industry, Maslin Beach demonstrates an interesting filmmaking strategy - no costumes, no sets, one location and action contained within real time. The film features a huge cast of over forty performers, ranging from noted actors such as Edmund Pegge, Gary Waddell, Nick Gill, Eliza Lovell and Noel Purdon, to cameo performances by table top dancers, sex workers and opera singers - all performing naked for this seaside extravaganza. A day on a beach like no other in the world... Enjoy!
2. Maslin Beach is a real nudist/naturist beach south of Adelaide, on the Fleurieu Peninsula, in South Australia. It is also the name of an Australian film that used the beach as a location.
Maslin Beach is labelled a romantic comedy. This could be slightly misleading, as it is not a 'hilarious' film, nor is it really romantic in the traditional sense, but it does have light-hearted moments. Much as life itself, there are also moments of sadness too. It is also entirely shot at the nudist beach mentioned above, and nudity runs throughout the length of film. The viewer quickly learns to accept this as normal, and concentrate on the plot, not the copious amount of flesh.
Simon and Marcie (Michael Allen and Eliza Lovell) arrive by car at a beach-side car park. They take their belongings to the beach, and while they are walking, a voice-over from Simon talks about his confusion about what real love is. The rest of the film is an exploration of this, framed by one complete day at the beach. The basic story is of what happens to Simon's love life, but there are also many other characters highlighted in several separate vignettes.
Director: Wayne Groom.
Cast: Michael Allen, Eliza Lovell, Leylah Love, Simon Bond, Bonnie-Jaye Lawrence, Zara Collins, Jennifer Ross, Joshua Missen, Katrina Missen, Kate Jenkin, Albert Colbert, Dinesh Sanders, Andy McPhee.
Australia, 1997.
Language: English.
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Lust for the Sun / Around the World with Nothing On. 1961.

Also known as Around the World with Nothing On, this cheerful Swiss-made travelogue once again demonstrates that despite running around naked all goddamn day, nudists are not sexual perverts but, instead, decent folks who just love wallowing in nature. In fact, the only thing a nudist really has a jones for is Lust for the Sun!
Dirtectot: Werner Kunz.
Cast: Brigette Baum, Gretchen Bjorling, Cindy Courtland, Jane Demarest, Beverly Pye, Donna Scott, Carole Wilson.
Switzerland, 1961.
Language: English.
Download Lust for the Sun / Around the World with Nothing On:

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Fantasy Island. 2007.

Your Ticket to Paradise. Four young goddesses. A tropical island. Very little clothing. And a camera that reveals all.
RECENTLY WORLD CLASS photographer and filmmaker Petter Hegre spent a week on a remote island in the Indian ocean with 4 young models. The result is a sensual journey in erotic excellence, and a captivating adventure into the world of adult entertainment.
Director: Petter Hegre.
Cast: Anna S, Angelica, Linda L, Paulina.
Format : AVI / 720x400
Duration : 62 min
File Size : 1120 MB
Format : DVD / 720x400
Duration : 62 min
File Size : 3580 MB
Download Fantasy Island. DVD-Rip:
Download Fantasy Island. DVD:

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Die nackte Freiheit. 2006.

Germany, 2006.
Format : MPG / 720x540
Duration : 42 min
File Size : 400 MB
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La Fonte des neiges / Thawing Out. 2009.
Film about nudist camp.
Léo is dragged to a nudist camping resort by his mother. Like most boys at the age of 12 or 13, being nude in public holds little appeal for Léo, who protests by wearing extra layers. Until he meets a certain special girl, who captures his heart and releases his inhibitions.
Director: Jean-Julien Chervier.
Cast: Marc Beffa, Géraldine Martineau, Zazon Castro, Laurent Roth, Lauren Chini, Natanaël Sylard, Laura Luna, Philippe Caulier.
France, 2009.
1024x576 HD
Language: French, Russian.
Download La Fonte des neiges / Thawing Out:

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Nefeli / Nefele y las seductoras de lesbos. 1980.

A beautiful young woman goes to the island of Lesbos to rest, He meets two beautiful young and have a great time fucking around the world.
Director: Omiros Efstratiadis.
Cast: Rosana Caskan, Alejandra Grepi, Tania Moshito, Dimitris Tsaftaridis, Lefteris Giftopoulos, Panos Derezeas, Giannis Hristou, Giorgos Mattheou, Tasos Pavlou.
Greece, 1980.
Download Nefeli / Nefele y las seductoras de lesbos:

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Nudist Racket. 1938.

Format : AVI / 512x384
Duration : 10 min
File Size : 116 MB
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American Nudist. 2011.

A young woman invites a filmmaker to follow her through the modern world of nudism. .
Director: Clinton H. Wallace.
Cast: Tony T.L. Young, Magda Marcella, Alicia Arden, Martin William Harris, Bogdan Szumilas, Arielle Brachfeld, Andrea Harrison, Tiffany Bowyer, Leigh Davis, Edwin A. Santos, Marta Zolynska.
USA, 2011.
Language: English.
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